At Complementary Therapies we bring the best of Manual lymphatic drainage and Therapeutic massage. We are two Georgia licensed massage therapists and ACOLS Certified Lymphatic Drainage therapists Vodder method, with advance postoperative skills.

Greta is an international therapist. She has  extensive experience and knowledge lymphatic system. As Certified Lymphedema and Lymphatic Drainage therapist she helps patients to manage swelling post surgery, lymphedema, reduce pain and cording through breast cancer rehab, & oncology massage. Lymphatic drainage for detoxification, Orthopedic massage for pain relief and Holistic therapies. 

Connie is a licensed massage therapist and a certified lymphatic drainage therapist Vodder Technique. Connie has received advanced training Pre & Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage. She has the knowledge and skills to perform Swedish massage, Therapeutic pain relief massage, Sports massage, Myofascial Release, Prenatal & Postpartum massage.

We customize the therapy to fit your health needs, so enjoy the ultimate experience with Greta and Connie's therapies relieving Pain and Swelling.


if you want to be in the cancellation waitlist to book with Greta please call or text Andrea (Admin assistant) at 404 795 6511 or Greta at 404 507 2701, alternatively you can book with our Certified lymphatic drainage  therapist Connie.  Thanks



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